Shenchu Series Guocang(cermic bottle)

Short Description:

Place of Origin: Bijie city, Guizhou province

Burden: Sorghum, wheat, water

Fragramce: Sauce aroma

Brewing Process: Food Ferment liquor

Size: 500ml/bottle

Grade: Premium

Alcohol Content (%): 53%

Storage: Stored in clean, ventilation, cool and dry place

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■ Description

The body of the bottle is painted with underglaze craftsmanship in traditional porcelain culture. The cap is made of brushed bronze craftsmanship. The traditional hollow carving pattern pays tribute to the inheritance of Chinese culture. This century-old Shenchu is the sauce of the gu Jinsha liquor in 2011. The basic body of this type of liquor is blended with the flavored alcohol in the 1980s. After 10 years of collection, it integrates China's extensive and deeper cultural history, Chinese liquor culture, and precious aging. It is a suitable tasting. Collection and business gifts are also the highest-end product of the company, which reflects the excellent quality of Jinshagu Liquor.

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■ Tips

Compared with other flavored koji medicines, the koji used for sauce liquor has three unique features:

One is Futian stepping music, which means stepping music around the Dragon Boat Festival every year, and the Double Ninth Festival ends. During this period, the temperature is high, the humidity is high, and there are many types of microorganisms in the air, and they are active. Therefore, the quality of the koji medicine produced during this period is the best.

The second is that high-quality wheat is used for koji making without any auxiliary materials.

Third, the fermentation temperature during koji making is as high as 60°C, commonly known as high-temperature Daqu, and each koji brick can only be used after 40 days of fermentation and 6 months of storage. This method of making koji brings a rich and mellow aroma to Jinshagu Liquor.

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Translation: Kaoliang liquor is the same as described, it is very high-end, good quality and low price, friends who want to buy can place an order!



Q: What is the flavor of your liquor?

A: Jiangxiang flavor, the same flavor as the famous Chinese liquor Moutai.

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