Raw Material

Water --- The Source of Chishui, Sauce Aroma Spirit

The brewing water of JinshaGu Liquor comes from Chinese "MeiJiu River", 40 kilometers upstream of Chishui River. According to the inspection by experts of the local geological department, the Chishui River Basin is rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, sulfur, phosphorus, sharp, copper, zinc, selenium and many other trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. The water is pure and clear, moist and sweet, and is recognized as the best source aroma in the wine industry.

During the brewing process, the Chishui River water which has concentrated the essence of heaven and earth, is blended into a bottle of sauce aroma in the wine production, the unique sauce-flavored bloodline of Jinsha Ancient Wine was finally achieved.


Sorghum --- The source of fine sauce

The sorghum from the specific production area of Jinsha is brewed with the flavor of Jinsha Gu Liquo Soft-Taste.

The sorghum used in JinshaGu Liquor is the red tassel waxy sorghum which is from the specific production area of the Qianbei Plateau.

This kind of high waxy grain has extremely high requirements on the natural ecological environment. It must rely on ecological mountains and rivers, pure air, excellent water quality, and the purple-red soil rich in multiple minerals unique to the Qianbei Plateau in order to cultivate the waxy sorghum which has organic, full-grained, cooking-resistant, high-starch content, and rich tannins.

Only this high-quality sorghum can withstand the lengthy and complicated brewing process of sauce and wine. It determines the craftsmanship of the traditional Daqu sauce aroma of JinshaGu Liquor, and gives JinshaGu Liquor wine a rich, unique taste and flavor.

Qu --- High temperature fermentation

Jinsha Gu Liqour carefully selects each grain of Qianbei Plateau wheat as the raw material to produce the "jiuqu" of sauce aroma wine, and in the natural environment where microorganisms flourish.

Jiuqu, also known as saccharification starter, is rich in unique brewing microorganisms and is the "primer" of sorghum fermentation.

The quality of Jiuqu affects the flavor of wine, and plays an important role in the formation of wine style, the improvement of wine quality, and the enhancement of layering. The koji made of wheat is full of fragrance and unique style. It is an excellent method for making sauce-flavored wine with Jinsha ancient wine, which brings the wine's unusual sauce aroma charm.

Septic Tank

Ferment Pond --- Time tempering ecological treasure house

The existing more than 420 cellars of Jinsha Gu Liqour are made of sandstone The bottom of the cellar is piled up with yellow mud from the Qianbei Plateau, which is the highest standard of the cellar used in traditional soy-wine brewing.

The cellar is like a container for cultivating microorganisms, it created a unique environment in which the microorganisms transformed into alcohol achieves the effect of fermentation and fragrance.

The sleeping cellar, carrying the microbes in the wine embryo, quietly sucking Resume the aura of heaven and earth, the beneficial microbial flora is under the action of time The more it accumulates, the more it enhances the flavor components of JinshaGu Liquor.