Jinsha Gu Sauce Aroma Liquor Diamond Star Series 3 star

Short Description:

Place of Origin: Bijie city, Guizhou province

Burden: Sorghum, wheat, water

Fragramce: Sauce aroma

Brewing Process: Food Ferment

Size: 500ml/bottle

Grade: Premium

Alcohol Content (%): 53%

Storage: Stored in clean, ventilation, cool and dry place

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■ Description

Diamond 3 Star, product positioning. Leading product for the mid-end strategic image. The bottle is made of classic Chinese red. The main accent, the base vintage of Jinshagu liquor is selected, carefully blended Become. The liquor is transparent, the sauce is obvious, elegant and delicate, soft and mellow, The aftertaste is long and the empty cup lasts for a long time.

■ Tips

After the base liquor is produced, it must be stored in a ventilating and non-leaking pottery jar. It must be blended after being stored in the cellar for more than three years. Due to the trace organic ingredients contained in the sauce-flavored liquor and its richness and complexity, it is still impossible to fully understand all the ingredients. At present, it has only been proved that there are more than 1,200 trace organic components in Maotai-flavor liquor. There are also several trace organic components. Therefore, the blending of sauce liquor is more complicated. The blending team of JinshaGu Liquor requires keen senses and rich experience. , Use different vintages and pure sweetness, cellar bottom, sauce liquor to blend and blend to find a delicate balance and level. It is purely based on the original liquor, without adding any other substances in the process, including not adding a drop of water.

Ten unique processes: high-temperature koji making, high-temperature accumulation, high-temperature liquor reception, multiple rounds, more grains, more koji, low liquor yield, low saccharification rate, long-term storage, and careful blending. Among the 108 processes, it can be said that JinshaGu Liquor is an ecological soy-flavored liquor that improves the essence of beams, extracts the soul of wheat, absorbs the essence of the heavens and the earth, and absorbs the essence of the sun and the moon.

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