Jinsha Gu Sauce Aroma Liquor Sicang Series 20

Short Description:

Place of Origin: Bijie city, Guizhou province

Burden: Sorghum, wheat, water

Fragramce: Sauce aroma

Brewing Process: Food Ferment with year 2014 basic

formula liquor and 15 years flavouring liquor

Size: 500ml/bottle

Grade: Premium

Alcohol Content (%): 53%

Storage: Stored in clean, ventilation, cool and dry place

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■ Description

It can withstand the baptism of years to exude the ultimate charm. It has gone through the span of time, and finally turned into the bones of history. Give birth to a unique fragrance of years. The 2012 basic body of Jinshagu liquor is selected, the body is transparent and slightly yellow, the sauce is outstanding, elegant and delicate, the liquor body is mellow and soft, the aftertaste is long, and the empty cup lasts for a long time.

Sicang series · 20 (2)

■ Tips

JinshaGu Liquor is located between the two major geological gully areas of Wujiang River and Chishui River. It is located in the upper reaches of Chishui River. The factory area is surrounded by pine trees, springs are lush, the climate is warm, and the rainfall is abundant. There is no industrial pollution for dozens of miles around the liquorry. Natural ecology The environment is very beautiful, and it naturally forms a unique community environment that is extremely conducive to the growth and reproduction of alcoholic microorganisms, and provides very good natural conditions for the production of Daqu sauce-flavor liquor.

Sicang series · 20 (4)
Sicang series · 20 (1)

Translation: Before buying liquor, I usually go to know what craftsmanship is used in this liquor. This bottle of Jinsha Gudrunk 20 uses Kunsha's craftsmanship. Compared with other brewed liquors, Kunsha's craftsmanship is of higher quality. The taste is dense and the sauce is also very layered. It is totally worthy of this price, and you love to drink. Friends of you can enter!




Q: Are all ceramic bottles used for liquor bottles?

A: Some series of products are yes, such as the Bainian Shenchu Guozang series,Sicang 20/30 series.

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