Jinsha Gu Sauce Aroma Liquor JinSha Gu Series 20(glass bottle)

Short Description:

Place of Origin: Bijie city, Guizhou province

Burden: Sorghum, wheat, water

Fragramce: Sauce aroma

Brewing Process: Food Ferment

Size: 500ml/bottle

Grade: Premium

Alcohol Content (%): 53%

Storage: Stored in clean, ventilation, cool and dry place

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■ Description

• View it, slightly yellow and transparent, drunk and hovering

• Smell it, mellow and leave a fragrance, like a shadow

• The taste is elegant and delicate, with a long aftertaste

• The taste of slowly fermenting over time

• Suitable for you who are firm but gentle


The sprinkling body is transparent, the sauce is obvious, elegant and delicate, the liquor body is mellow and soft, the aftertaste is long, and the empty cup has a lasting fragrance.

JinShaGu series·20(glass bottle) (1)

■ Tips

Jinshagu liquorry is located between the two major geological gully areas of Wujiang River and Chishui River. It is located in the upper reaches of Chishui River. The factory area is surrounded by pine trees, springs are lush, the climate is warm, and the rainfall is abundant. There is no industrial pollution for dozens of miles around the liquorry. Natural ecology The environment is very beautiful, and a unique community environment is naturally formed, which is extremely conducive to the growth and reproduction of alcoholic microorganisms, and provides very good natural conditions for the production of Daqu sauce-flavor liquor.

Sicang series · 20 (4)
Sicang series · 20 (1)
JinShaGu series·20(glass bottle) (4)

Q: Which certifications has your company passed?

A: We have passed the quality standard GB-T26760 certification for baijiu.

Q: What are your acceptable payment methods?

A: T/T or Paypal both are OK.

Q: What are your domestic and foreign competitors for your products? Compared with them, what advantages and disadvantages does your company have?

A: Moutai, Luzhou Laojiao, Fenjiu, Langjiu, etc. Our advantage lies in our determination to deploy overseas markets. Other brands may just test the waters in overseas markets, but we are full of confidence in overseas markets and have prepared a complete product and service system plan.

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