One Hundred Cities Tour Xiamen Station | The Signing Ceremony of the Brand Ambassador of JinshaGu Liquor Brand Held

On November 25, 2021, on the occasion of Thanksgiving, the 69th stop of the Sands Ancient Liquor Empowerment Conference will be held in Xiamen. On such a special day, a glass of fine wine will be used to show all the industries that have long cared about and supported Sands Ancient Liquor. Organizations, distributors, friends and many sauce and wine lovers would like to express their sincere gratitude.

Wang Qingzhang, Vice President and Secretary-General of Fujian Liquor Circulation Association, Huang Zhenxin, President of Xiamen Liquor Sales Association, Zhou Lin, Secretary-General of Xiamen Liquor Sales Association, Miao Zhuoping, Secretary-General of Xiamen Ningde Chamber of Commerce; Fujian Liquor Association Wang Jianmin, Chairman of the Imported Wine Branch and Chairman of Fujian Hong Kong Development Group; Zhang Jian, General Manager of Xiamen Port Wine Industry Co., Ltd., Zhu Yonghua, Deputy General Manager of Xiamen Port Logistics Co., Ltd.; Xiao Qianjiao, Chairman of Xiaocanya (Quanzhou) Tea Co., Ltd. ; Li Ruijie, Chairman of Baode Group and Jinshagu liquor, Zhao Ming, General Manager of Shenzhen Marketing Center, and Wu Peng, General Manager of Fujian Region, attended the event.

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Brand ambassadors are one of the ways for companies to express their aspirations to consumers. As a century-old brand, Jinshagu liquor has adhered to the concept of "being cautious and sensitive, not forgetting the original intention" since its inception, and insisting on "100 years, just for brewing. "Bottle of Good Wine", with the ultimate craftsman spirit and enterprising spirit of entrepreneurship, focusing on the way of brewing sauce and wine, creating a unique line of soft sauce sauce, with countless ingenuity and quality.

Teacher Lu Qi won the Best Actor Award at the 10th Chinese Film Golden Rooster Awards for starring in "Baise Uprising", and became famous as a special actor who played Deng Xiaoping on the screen. Later, he played Deng Xiaoping in many film and television works and won the No. The 9th China Film Huabiao Awards Outstanding Actor Award, the 26th Popular Film Hundred Flowers Award, the Best Actor Award, and the Chinese Film Contribution Award. He is an old artist with both virtue and art.

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This time, Mr. Lu Qi personally visited the Xiamen Station event site of the Golden Sands gu liquor 100 City Tour Exhibition. Under the witness of many colleagues in the wine industry, the two parties formally signed a brand image endorsement cooperation agreement, and worked together to convey a positive brand image and sauce wine culture. . At the same time, Teacher Lu Qi also sent warm wishes to everyone.

 Mr. Li Ruijie, Chairman of Sands gu liquor, delivered a speech and expressed deep gratitude to the guests. At the same time, the strategic plan of Jinshagu liquor was introduced to many distributor partners, which pointed out the direction for everyone from a macro perspective.

Post time: Nov-25-2021