Wonderful review of the exhibition | JinshaGu Liquor 2021 Tianjin Autumn Sugar Exhibition came to a successful conclusion!

Wonderful review of the exhibition

The sauce and liquor are in a strong wind, and the partners are flying together. From October 14th to 21st, 2021, the Tianjin Autumn Sugar Club of Sands gu liquor came to a successful conclusion.

Whether it is the theme exhibition of the heart of sauce and liquor with its fragrant aroma, or various thematic forums gathered by elites, with its excellent product quality and excellent comprehensive performance, Jinshagu liquor once again astounded the autumn sugar with the appearance of a dark horse, showing its strong strength, Has attracted widespread attention.

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During this year's autumn sugar, more than 3,500 companies participated in the exhibition, with a total exhibition area of 200,000 square meters, breaking the historical record of the autumn sugar and liquor fair. The theme exhibition of the heart of sauce and liquor held at the same time was also unprecedentedly popular.

Such an industry event, as the dark horse of the industry that has attracted much attention in recent years, Jinshagu liquor has set up two exhibition halls in the Renaissance Tianjin Hotel and the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) Hall 12.

The gu series, the Shenchudou liquor series, the Chronicle series, and the Diamond Star series are all unveiled for dealers and consumers to taste and experience, showcasing the style of century-old liquor and the source of soft sauce.

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Scattering is a starry sky, gathering is a ball of fire.

Dealers are indispensable strategic partners on the journey of JinshaGu Liquor's tens of billions.

In order to thank the distributors for their support, during this year’s autumn sugar, JinshaGu Liquor held a grand distributor appreciation dinner. Many industry leaders, media friends, and partners gathered together with our distributor representatives to discuss the industry.

Situation, tasting ingenious liquors.

Post time: Oct-28-2021