When it comes to 5G, the most intuitive thing for ordinary people is the replacement of communication services. People will feel that network speeds have increased greatly, browsing videos have become clearer, and downloading speeds have accelerated... With domestic artificial intelligence, 5G, With the increasing maturity of data and other technologies, China's digital economy era is approaching in strides.

In 2018, China announced that it had entered the era of digital economy. With the deep integration of the digital economy and traditional industries, China's liquor industry is ushering in the most profound digital transformation.

5G+ is to connect cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies in series to realize a closed loop of industry data collection, transmission, storage, calculation, analysis and feedback, help the industry build digital productivity, fully release the value of data elements, and further Promote the development of industries such as "intelligent manufacturing", "intelligent connected vehicles", and "smart cities".

In 2021, Jinshagu liquor relies on the IT empowerment of its parent company Baode Technology, and cooperates with Huawei to use cutting-edge information technology to plan to build a "5G Smart liquor City."

According to relevant data, the "5G Smart liquor City" project has a total investment of 11.5 billion yuan and covers an area of ​​5,000 acres. It is a digital smart liquor city integrating production, brewing, packaging, logistics, and cultural tourism.

liquor City uses AI artificial intelligence and 5G technology, integrates production workshops with fully automatic industrial robots, monitors process parameters in real time, continuously optimizes liquormaking technology, and truly realizes the transition from "brewing" to "intelligent manufacturing", and builds a 5G smart liquormaking factory, smart A new 5G smart industrial chain integrating liquor cellars, smart liquor jars, smart warehousing, and smart logistics.

Jinshagu liquor empowers the traditional liquor industry with digitalization, optimizes every industrial chain from production end to consumer terminal through cutting-edge information technology, and fully embarks on the journey of digitalization of sauce liquor!

Under the sauce liquor boom, the sales of JinshaGu Liquor have grown rapidly in the past three years. This is due to the unique operation model of technology companies and sauce liquor companies-the product launch conference of Baicheng Empowerment.

The Jinsha Ancient Liquor Distributor Empowerment Conference and Baode AI Hundred Cities Tour Exhibition (also known as Hundred Cities Empowerment Product Launch) activities are planned to be held in 100 cities across the country. Since the first stop in Shenzhen was successfully held in March 2021, JinshaGu Liquor has held more than 60 touring exhibitions, covering seven major regions including South China, Central China, East China, Northeast China, and Southwest China. It has joined hands with 8400+ dealer representatives across the country and the industry. Colleagues and elites from all walks of life have truly realized that JinshaGu Liquor and its partners are flying in the wind and sharing the opportunity of sauce.

As a subsidiary of Baode Technology Group, JinshaGu Liquor knows the importance of digital transformation for the development of enterprises. As early as 2020, we will join hands with Huawei to introduce blockchain traceability technology in the industry. 

JinshaGu Liquor uses blockchain technology to create a full chain supervision and traceability system in the liquor industry from seeding, harvesting, fermentation, brewing, packaging, logistics, sales to sales of raw materials, using the traceability of the blockchain and the characteristics of non-tamperable data. Real-time and effective control of the quality of liquor.

Boldly innovate in the sales model of the liquor industry. In response to the relatively single sales channel of the liquor industry, with the help of big data and the Internet, through digital marketing systems such as social interaction, private domain traffic, live sales, short video communication, etc., the liquor industry has been created. Three-dimensional sales channels increase the sales of liquorries.

In the era of technological change and industrial upgrading, only liquor companies that seize opportunities can continue to lead in fierce competition. Only with the help of digital transformation, can Chinese liquor industry liquorries set a new benchmark for the development of the new era in the liquor industry.

Post time: Nov-09-2021