Go straight to the Panama Awards Ceremony JinshaGu Liquor won the Grand Prize!

On December 1, 2021, the 106th American Panama Pacific World Expo Awards Ceremony (China) was held in Haikou, Hainan. As a premium gold award-winning brand, Jinshagu liquor was invited to participate in this event. The general manager of Zhongtai, Mr. Su Hongshan, represented Jinsha The gu liquor received the medal and gave an acceptance speech.

The ingenuity is handed down, and the fragrance of Chinese sauce once again conquered the world

 Since 1915, the Panama Universal (International) Exposition has been held for 106 consecutive times. It originated from the United States, but it does not belong to the United States, but the world. It is called "one of the three major international awards" by the Chinese and foreign media (Oscars in culture and art, Nobel Prize in Social and Natural Sciences, Panama Prize in Business and Industry).

 For more than 100 years, Panama has an unfailing reputation and has been widely recognized by countries, all walks of life and social classes. It is a world-renowned product display and award event. High-quality brands from all over the world have appeared here to tell the world their own stories and show different Cultural heritage has brought many surprises to the world. (Click to read "Golden Sands gu liquor Created Brilliant Again, Won the "Special Gold Award" at the Panama World Expo!" to learn more about the Panama Gold Award story~)


More than a hundred years ago, when the first Panama Pacific Universal Exposition was held, China was in a period of financial difficulties and political turmoil under the rule of Beiyang warlords. However, this exhibition was still highly valued as an opportunity to show China to the world.

On the one hand, the Beijing government dispatched personnel to prepare for the construction of the government pavilion. On the other hand, it selected a number of outstanding products based on the local exposition, and finally organized more than 100,000 exhibits to participate in the United States.

For the backward and blocked old China, the Panama Expo of that year was not only a good opportunity for the government at the time to display a new national image and promote commerce, but also the beginning of many Chinese products to go abroad and win world reputation. It was widely spread. The story of the Maotai Panama Gold Award comes from this.

A hundred years later, we have already walked out of the backwardness and embarrassment of the year and become a rich, powerful and peaceful country. Our products can confidently show themselves on the world stage and compete with many colleagues.

It is impossible to test whether Moutai's soy flavor overflowed to conquer the audience. But today, at the beginning of the century, Shen Chu, with the spirit of heaven and earth from the upper reaches of Chishui, conquered the world with unique soft sauce flavor, demonstrated the beauty of Chinese sauce and wine, and won The unanimous recognition of the judges won the "Special Gold Award".

This is the glory of Jinshagu liquor at the beginning of the century, and it is also the glory of Chinese liquor.


Post time: Dec-01-2021